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For Singaporeans who spend their time overseas, they would come accross this dish Singapore Noodles.

The funny zest is that no stall in Singapore has this version of the noodles. In our local version, it is called Xin Zhou Mi Fen which is vermillice noodles, char siu meat, shrimp, cabbage etc. They do not put curry powder to stir fry.

I always look at the menu and frown at this dish. How could it be called singapore noodles when me as a singaporean did not even taste it before.

Hence, i bought the sauce from Australia and decided to let my parents try it.

Igredients used:

2 eggs (cook and set aside for later)

Onion (thin slices)

Chicken breast

Prawns (cook and set aside)

Cai xin

Cook the egg and prawns separately and set aside.

Cook the onion and chicken and add in the noodles. Once the noodles is almost ready, add in the vegetables. You can choose to add the prawns in or save for serving later.

Add in the sauce and stir fry till its coated evenly.

Add the egg and mix.

Serve and add the prawns ontop if you have not.

Verdict: i prefer the local version of the singapore noodles.

xin zhou mi fen

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