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Dal Makhani Recipe

Dal Makhani is one of the most popular dishes both inside and outside of India. This dish has its roots back in Punjab and was first cooked by Kundan Lal in his restaurant Motimahal. He also invented two more popular dishes 21111q1of India, butter chicken, and Murg Makhani. It is told that Kundan Lal wanted to make a vegetarian dish which can fit the series of non-vegetarian dishes.

The recipe of the sauce or the gravy of Dal Makhani is the same as the butter chicken or Murg Makhani. The only thing that is added is the combination of three different Dals, urad, Rajma, and chana dal. This is how the most popular vegetarian dish came into life.

Tips To Make Perfect Dal Makhani

Follow these tips to make Dal Makhani the same like it is served in restaurants.

  • Use Fresh And Whole Spices To Add That Perfect Flavour

You can use the ground spices in cases where you dont get whole spices, but the flavour and smell that you will get from the whole roasted spices dont come from the ground one. This is the reason why whole spices add more depth and flavour to the dish.

  • Use Black Gram Lentil Than Any Other Lentil

Though you can get away with any lentil, the colour, texture, and flavour that you will get by using black gram lentil are not possible by substituting it. To get that perfect authenticated taste, you need to add black gram lentil or urad dal. It is available very easily in any nearby grocery store.

  • Soak The Lentils Overnight

Soaking the lentils overnight is a good method to speed up the process of cooking the next day. It is an important step for your Dal Makhani Recipe. It not only makes cooking the lentils easier but also makes it more nutritious.

  • Cook The Dal Slow And In Low Flame

This will help you to cook better and the spices will blend in properly and you will get that amazing taste like that of restaurants. Dont rush. As you are done making the sauce add all the soaked beans and then leave it on low flame so that the lentils soak in the same well. It will be so smooth and easy that it will melt as soon as you put it in your mouth.

  • Add Kasuri Methi At The End

To get that extra flavour you should add Kasuri methi in the list of ingredients of your Dal Makhani recipe. But remember that you should always add it at the end after you turn off the flame.

Following these easy tips, you can get the best Dal Makhani served to your friends and family, which they will love to have.

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