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A satisfying supper using only one set of ingredients to the fullest: start with chicken soup, then roast the stock vegetables, and finish by flash-roasting the poached chicken

The UK’s unsettling food waste statistics make me go into immediate chef mode. A fridge full of ingredients turns ‘what do I want for dinner?’ into ‘what can I make with this random selection of perfectly edible ingredients?’ I’m as guilty as the next person of forgetting about those sad carrots at the back of the fridge, or of going out for dinner rather than cooking at home. We justify such choices by saying, ‘It’s no big deal’ or, ‘I just don’t fancy that tonight’, but they eventually add up – in the UK’s case, to about 10m tonnes of food waste a year. The ripple effect of positive change, however, may be on its way, and it can all start with a bit of kitchen improv.

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