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6 Conflict & Resolution Games

6 Conflict & Resolution Games

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Children often encounter differences with others, but how easy are these differences to resolve? 6 Conflict and Resolution games is a unique set of games that focuses on how to recognize conflict, how to handle it and how to resolve differences in a more positive solution focused way. Each game and activity is vibrant and uses a number of different game plays to teach children about common conflict situation, how to recognize different emotional triggers and how to understand and apply different conflict resolution techniques.

Games include: Are You a Bully? Sharks, Jellyfish, Turtles, Compromise Burgers, Persuasion Pot, Keep Calm Meter, A Spinning Solution

The set includes a number of different game styles such as snakes and ladders, puzzles and matching games, and sorting games which have self-correcting properties.

Includes a Keep Calm Thermometer which can be used as an interactive and visual tool to communicate different feelings.

A versatile set of games that can be enjoyed as a group or for individual learning.

Includes a game guide with instructions of how to play and an answer sheet.

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