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Storytelling Party Game for Kids and Adults | Creative Game | 2-10 Players | Ages 14+ | Average Playtime 6 Minutes

Storytelling Party Game for Kids and Adults | Creative Game | 2-10 Players | Ages 14+ | Average Playtime 6 Minutes

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is a fast-paced, casual, creative storytelling party game, targeted at ages 14+. Played by 2 to 10 players, there’s never a dull moment, because everyone at the table participates in every story. Unlike other story games, this is short and sweet. It’s exactly a 6 minute engagement per story, and course changes come rapid-fire. You can run as many stories as you like, and they are never the same. Really. Can be played competitively or not, depending on the crowd. The graphic design is light and contemporary--visually easy to digest. Each character has its own sense of charismatic humor and exudes a charm that sparks creativity. The artwork is spectacular, in a style that clearly defines the high points, but leaves it up to you to fill in the details.

CREATIVE STORYTELLING GAME: Combine quests, characters & plot twists to form an abundance of absurd stories then pick the best ‘moral of the story’. Guaranteed to leave everyone cracking up!

NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND PLAYTIME: Great for 2-10 players, intended for ages 14+. Each round takes only 6 minutes, play as many rounds as you like.

EASY TO LEARN: Each round - deal out one quest and two characters on the board and two plot twists to each player. The first ist starts the story with 60 seconds on the clock. Play rotates, each player adding a plot twist from their hand to the board and carries the story for 30 seconds. After 9 plot twists, everyone says what they think the “Moral of the Story” was. The player with the best ‘moral’ wins.

ENGAGING ILLUSTRATIONS: features 48 character cards with original artwork illustrated by Christiana Clark depicting a ous, hysterical cast of characters. The captivating art will ignite your imagination and delight your fellow players.

FAMILY, PARTY, OR KID GAME: A fun, collaborative game kids and adults can play. A storytelling game where the only limit is your imagination!

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