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200 Pcs Lucky Koi Animal Shaped Puzzle with Box Stand - 13 x 12 Inches Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults - Challenging Wooden Animal Puzzle Kit

200 Pcs Lucky Koi Animal Shaped Puzzle with Box Stand - 13 x 12 Inches Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults - Challenging Wooden Animal Puzzle Kit

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The Lucky Koi Animal Wood Puzzle is a breathtaking wall decoration art piece of 13" x 12" when finished and a classic brainteaser that never gets old. Our brain puzzle for adults will provide hours of creative engagement paired with a contemplative concentration to satisfy a natural need for the challenge. Good Fortune with Blessings of Joy, Harmony, Abundance This brain teaser puzzle for adults is blessed with creative minds from the UK, artists from Australia, and good fortune tips from Asia. We invite you to enjoy meditative concentration while working through our wood cut puzzle. It involves the Feng Shui elements of abundance, love, harmony, and colors of the seven major chakras to balance energy. Make it a beautiful piece of home decoration anywhere, and let it keep bringing blessings to your everyday life! Decorative Quality in Every Detail Turn your puzzling challenge into a display-worthy art piece with our expertly made, unusually cool puzzles. Firm premium-grade rounded basswood pieces will not bend or scratch Bright non-fading colors of quality image for detail-captured precision Accurate cut interlocking pieces will snap into place securely Included wooden box with a stand for helpful display as the wooden art Unique Puzzlers Gift Idea This adult jigsaw puzzle is an excitement-ready gift for all ages and skill level fans, thoughtful, always reliable, and ever-challenging. Original creative design of shapes, details, and colors will impress all lucky puzzlers with this unique and engaging gift. Package Includes: 200 Pcs Lucky Koi Wooden Fish Puzzle Wooden Storage Box Reference Poster 2 Pcs Box Stand Storage Bag

GOOD FORTUNE WOOD PUZZLE: A uniquely beautiful Lucky Koi good fortune puzzle box for adults, consisting of Feng Shui elements of abundance, love, and harmony, allowing for meditative concentration while putting the puzzles together; 200 pieces in the finished size of 13" x 12" for hours of brainstorming fun, and impressive wall decoration as the ultimate goal.

SKILL-BUILDING & ENERGY BALANCING: Our concentration and eye for detail demanding brain teasers for adults puzzles are intellectually and creatively daring, stimulating problem solving and sharp attention development while featuring colors of 7 major chakras to enhance the energy balancing

PRECISION CUT PIECES: This color and shapes rich, unique puzzle for adults comes with precision cut interlocking wooden pieces that snap into place and allow the final artwork to be lifted without falling apart and to display as wooden wall art to be admired by all

21 UNIQUELY-SHAPED PIECES: For a more significant challenge and to add to the complexity of the outcome, our brain teaser puzzle for adults features 21 uniquely shaped puzzle pieces; To satisfy all animals-loving and concentration-seeking puzzlers, this hard puzzle for adults features advanced printing techniques in non-fading colors, capturing the smallest of details

HOME DECOR DISPLAY QUALITY: Made of superior grade quality thick Basswood board to ensure our unique shaped jigsaw puzzle will not bend or splint; Included 2-piece stand for the box top allows our family puzzle to be proudly displayed as the final artwork

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