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A Party Game for Everyone

A Party Game for Everyone

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A Party Game For Everyone - Use strategy, memory, and deception to disguise yourself, identify your opponents, and be the last player standing!

THE PERFECT PARTY GAME FOR ALL OCCASIONS - Great for family, friends, and team building. As fun as the people who play it!

AUDIENCE DRIVEN - Each player creates an alias that falls under one of the provided category cards. It’s up to them to make it as deceiving (or as funny) as possible.

STRATEGIZE - Guess other player’s names correctly to have them join your team. The more on your team, the better your odds…

LISTEN CAREFULLY - Remember what names the moderator reads out loud. Once they are read twice in a random order, it’s up to you to remember.

TEAMWORK - Work together to guess other player’s aliases. Use your team to your advantage to remember who’s who and who said what.

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