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Arabic Alphabet Puzzle - Wooden Arabic Letters Kids to Learn Arabic

Arabic Alphabet Puzzle - Wooden Arabic Letters Kids to Learn Arabic

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DescriptionTeach your child the Arabic alphabet with this high quality 3D wooden puzzle. This 28-piece puzzle will help your little one identify the names of the letters. The beautiful pieces provide a hands-on arabic learning experience that is very much inspired. Safe for kids 3+ and up. Each letter block color has a matching color outline on the board for easier distinction. This puzzle is a great Ramadan gift or kids eid gift. Can also be paired as a learning tool with arabic books for kids or used in an arabic class.

【Learn Arabic】: This premium wooden puzzle includes a smooth finishing and vibrant colors that allows children to visualize the shape of the letters through touch and feel. Letter recognition is the first step to developing skills that will be used for reading and writing the Arabic language.

【Develop Motor Skills】: This puzzle will help kids learn new skills like hand-eye coordination and problem solving. Each puzzle piece is weighted to give the child a sensory experience as he or she works with the puzzle.

【High-Quality Children’s Puzzle】: Our company values quality, each puzzle has been manufactured using eco-friendly materials. The vibrant colors were carefully chosen to have a high contrast outline to appeal to the child’s ability to recognize letter formation.

【Introduction to Arabic letters】: The puzzle can be used to introduce Alif Baa Arabic letters for kids ages 3 and up. It is durable and safe and is sure to last you many years.

【Perfect Gift for Kids】: It will be a great Ramadan gift or kids eid gift who love sensory and toys. Suitable for boys and girls 3 4 5 6 7 years.

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