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BestSelf Persuasion Deck - Persuasion Skill Cards to Master Persuasion Tricks with 33 Prompts

BestSelf Persuasion Deck - Persuasion Skill Cards to Master Persuasion Tricks with 33 Prompts

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Whether you want to think bigger, achieve more, or have more meaningful connections, creates a space in your life for that possibility - and more. The journey to your best self is personal to you - and it’s a journey that continually expands as you grow, evolve, and desire different things. It's all about the impact you create as you take action towards your dreams. Our Mission To connect and inspire humanity to think bigger and achieve more, while enjoying today. What Makes Our Products Unique? When you set the bar at achieving your best self, there’s a lot on the line. Our Company Values keep us focused, so we can continually get better for us and for you. Where Will Your Best Self Journey Take You? We can’t wait for you to find out! Journals And Planner For kids, couples, for goal setting or planning - we have them all. Discovery Decks Prompt cards to inspire connection, confidence, and creativity. Action Pads Write it down. Get it done Shop All Products Visit the Store

LEARN - This powerful business development tool for entrepreneurs, managers, leaders, and negotiators teach you to improve your powers of persuasion which will help you grow confidence and reach your goals

ACHIEVE GOALS - The Persuasion Deck by BestSelf has 33 prompts to help you achieve your goals. This inspirational tool will gently ease you out of your comfort zone towards bigger and bolder actions to make a difference.

COLLABORATE - Discover how to improve your persuasive skills and get taken seriously. Learn to be inclusive, empower those around you, and instill good energy in every interaction and collaboration.

BUSINESS GROWTH - These cards are perfect for inspiring a partner or college, use with a networking group, at a leadership retreat, or at office meetings. A great tool to learn more persuasion techniques and get more yeses.

TRUSTED BRAND - BestSelf offers a variety of business tools, conversation card decks, journals, productivity pads, and more to help you achieve your goals

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