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Bingo Games! Picture Learning Educational Board Game for 2 to 4 Kids Ages 4+.

Bingo Games! Picture Learning Educational Board Game for 2 to 4 Kids Ages 4+.

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Applicable age: 4+

ORGANIZATIONAL PLANNING:Develop your child's ability to organize and plan. This children's board game card has 9 dessert patterns (6 kinds), each player has nine pieces of wood, wood has different patterns on the front and back. There are only 6 kinds, but there are 9 patterns, so there are repeated patterns on the cards, but there is only one arrangement that can complete the game, so the child has to keep overturning the previous arrangement before he can make it.

MODERATE DIFFICULTY:The difficulty of the game is designed for 3-6 year old children to develop their logical thinking ability. Game reference part of the concept of Sudoku, but much simpler than Sudoku! Children need to place a block on the first space, and then put the rest of the pattern, and finally found that some Spaces do not correspond to the pattern, then need to check whether the front of the block can be exchanged, constantly check to complete the game.

REACTION SPEED:Cultivate children's reaction speed, so that children become smart. When multiple players finish the game at the same time, the first one to ring the bell will be the winner, so players need to be quick to react.

ANALYTICAL REASONING ABILITY:Develop children's analytical reasoning ability. The board game has 36 cards and 36 chances in the whole game. Children can summarize their previous experience, analyze why they failed, and then participate in the next game.

BRIGHT IN COLOR:The patterns on the cards and wood blocks are brightly colored and children will love them. education allows children to learn through play and grow through learning. Give children a happy, interesting childhood. A great gift for 3-6 year olds.

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