Brilliant Preschoolers Educational Games: Mega Activity Workbook Comes With Find a Word

The challenges puzzles and activities in this fun activity book will help any child master maths.Are You Ready to Have the BEST EASY-TO-READ Activity Book? This book can enhance children's word pattern knowledge. Every page features a challenging, confidence-boosting puzzle game. Perfect for long car rides, rainy days and restaurants

This activity book features:

This puzzle book consists of over 100 pages of puzzles made up entirely of math terms.

EXTREMELY USER-FRIENDLY - Our unique printing design helps pages lie flatter in order to make working on puzzles easier and our high-quality, white paper won't bleed through. LARGE PRINT makes reading accessible for the visually impaired Has WIDE inner margins so you can easily tear pages out.

Extend their Vocabulary- The more words your child sees, the more they will ask what it means, in turn, increasing vocabulary. Improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills by tackling a wide variety of word problems. This Word Search Puzzle book consists of Word Search puzzles made up of math terms Word search puzzles can help to reinforce spellings in your child's mind, encourage problem-solving, extend their vocabulary, and boost their memory.

There is math topic brain wracking word scrambles! Can you unscramble the words into their correct spellings? These word scramble puzzles consist of words where the letters have been scrambled. Solve each puzzle by rearranging the letters to form the word. A separate section provides the answers so that you can check your answers.

Discover what people all over the world are discovering - Sudoku is fun! and Sudoku is addictive! Sudoku is a brain game that helps to train the brain of your child. In addition, Sudoku demands attention to detail - noticing patterns and spotting opportunities. Sudoku is not only fun and interesting – it might just help prepare your kids for better success in school and in life. Sudoku puzzles are a proven method for enhancing logic skills. As a logic puzzle, Sudoku is also a great brain game. This specific puzzle book contains a top-quality variety of sudoku puzzles that are guaranteed to challenge you in the best way possible.


That's why we're including simple instructions for you to teach your kid AND bonus solutions at the end of your large print puzzle book!

Not only that, but customer satisfaction is our priority We are also confident that you'll LOVE this activity book that we're offering a 100% Satisfaction Promise!

One of the most engaging puzzle activity books for children you've ever seen Make Students Believe Everybody is Gifted and Talented in MATH Loaded with numerous word games and puzzles to keep children entertained for hours on end. Easy to medium skill levels. Perfect for beginners The puzzles were made from a large list of mathematical terms so I'm sure you will find almost every math term you can think of, and dozens more you've NEVER heard of! New experience for each puzzle If you'd like to boost the performance of your child's brain and enhance the effectiveness of their brain function, you should try this puzzle book. By doing puzzles, you will quickly notice an increase in your focus as well as your problem-solving abilities. (In other words, it will keep your brain sharp and engaged!)

Add your own personal note on the inside cover to make this a custom personalized gift.

Don't kill time any longer! Start to build your kids benefit from fun games while improving their Logical judgment, reminiscences and Deductive reasoning skills by Clicking the BUY NOW BUTTON at the top right of this page!

Author: Red, Lynn

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 153

Release Date: 14-07-2020

EAN: 9798666362501

Languages: English

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