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Burnt Island Mind MGMT The Psychic Espionage Game

Burnt Island Mind MGMT The Psychic Espionage Game

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Bring your friends and family together for a friendly game or challenge more seasoned opponents to a battle of wits. Enjoy the cat-and-mouse hidden-movement gameplay. MIND MGMT: The Psychic Espionage Game is designed by award-winning designers Jay Cormier Sen-Foong Lim and features stunning artwork by award-winning illustrator and NY Times best-selling author Matt Kindt. At the end of each game, the side that lost gets to open a sealed package. Each of the 14 sealed packages includes new components and rules that get added to the game, giving the side that previous lost a leg up in the next game. Every sealed package is accompanied by a brand new 8-page mini comic book, written and illustrated by Matt Kindt that provides some context to these new components. The game comes with a free app for solo and co-op play The app plays as the Recruiter and you with or without your friends have to track the Recruiter down before time runs out The attention to detail on this game is amazing From the full color comics on the back of the board, that introduces you to each of the 4 rogue agents, to the secret messages throughout the components that can only be read by using the included red filter lens. There are even some hidden messages and codes throughout that can lead to new in-game content as well. Hidden movement is a style of game where one player secretly moves around on a map that's hidden behind a screen. The other players move around on a big board, ask questions and try to deduce where that player could be. MIND MGMT makes tracking this information a lot easier by using dry erase Mental Note tokens. Players can write information on these tokens and place them directly on the board to reduce the need to remember anything you learned. It's a breakthrough for hidden movement games Richard Ham from Rahdo Runs Through says that MIND MGMT is his favorite hidden movement game of all time Derek Funkhouser from Board Game Spotlight says, When I say it’s the best hidden movement game, I’m honestly not kidding. I won’t keep any other hidden movement games because this is just perfect to me. It’s the bar to beat for any new hidden movement games.

Based on Matt Kindts NY Times Best Selling graphic novel series ~!~

Campaign-style game with 14 sealed packages to unlock.

Solo & Co-op mode included with free iOS and Android app.

Secrets throughout lead to print & play content for the game!

One of the fastest hidden movement games on the market!

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