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Coordination Game Balance Toy for Adults and Kids | Improves Fine Motor Skills (Mini Blue)

Coordination Game Balance Toy for Adults and Kids | Improves Fine Motor Skills (Mini Blue)

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Test your skills with True Balance - the unpredictably fun coordination game! Ages 4+ The objective? Neatly stack the disks. That might sound simple, but it takes concentration and coordination to get the rotating magnetic discs to line up just right. The engaging toy will keep kids’ attention while they work on getting that perfect balance. Hold and try to align all the discs. Magnetic discs rotate independently to allow a fun way to experiment with balance For a challenge, try it in your non-dominant hand or upside down.For some extra fun, use a timer to compete with friends against the clock. Helps children understand science/engineering The perfect gift for the gifted child, ADHD child, or any kid that needs a challenge! A new problem solving experience with every single use Helps relieve stress by requiring focus and attention Original Original Wood7 rotating discs PRO 8 rotating discs on each end!Advanced challenge Junior Designed for smaller hands6 rotating discs Travel For a challenge on-the-go!Travel size version of the Original True Balance Original PRO Junior Travel More Fun Options To Choose From! Mini Cobra GLOW

✓ EASY AND FUN : Fun game that brings the family together and is an exceptional screen-free play option. Done balancing one side? Try balancing upside-down! It’s an exciting balance toy that challenges kids, students, and entire families!

✓ STIMULATING TOY: is the unpredictably fun coordination and focus game for your children, students, the whole family! The helps kids and adults improve their fine motor skills, increase concentration, and develop stronger critical thinking skills.

✓ SENSORY TOY: Stimulate your senses by improving fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. This coordination balance game relieves stress by requiring focus and attention. is great for autism or autistic children and other kids and toddlers that need help with hand eye coordination, sensory and/or fine motor skills

✓ AWARD-WINNING STEM TOY: Winner of the 2018 Toy of the Year, it will meet your needs for both entertainment and education. Developed in cooperation with occupational and physiotherapists

✓ DESIGNED TO LAST: mini is a quality built, European designed, toy that will stand up to any punishment you can dish out. Product Siz: 7.25 inches x 1.69 inches x 1.69 inches US Patent: 8,936,536.

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