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Cute Cats Puzzles for Adults and Kids 1000 Pieces, Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles, Happy Family Games Ideal

Cute Cats Puzzles for Adults and Kids 1000 Pieces, Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles, Happy Family Games Ideal

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SPECIFICATION Material: paper and wood pressed together Number of pieces: 500 pieces, 1000 pieces Suitable age: 15 years old and up. Children should be accompanied by adults. Size: 500 pieces - 20.5x14.9in (52*38cm), thickness 2MM 1000 pieces - 29.5x19.7in (75*50cm), thickness 2MM Package includes: 1*puzzle + 1*mesh storage bag + 1*A4 reference picture Packaging Note: The puzzle is split into 6 or 8 pieces to be issued intact, not broken up state. FEATURES -the puzzle have brightly colored and pattern. -High quality wood pressing, playable and practical. -2mm thick, a piece of puzzle size is same of a coin. -Precision cutting technique, no easy to be disapersed. -Alphabetic partition on the back makes it easier to distinguish, reduce the difficulty of the puzzle. -The box contains a bag, which can store all piece of the puzzle, and having an A4 reference picture. CAUTION 1. Wooden, paper, please avoid contact with water. 2. The puzzle is made of raw wood, the back of the existence of different colors of wood grain, is a normal phenomenon.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: The puzzle is made of paper surface and wooden bottom pressed together, smooth surface, high overall hardness, not easy to crack deformation, can be stored for a long time.

1000 PIECES PUZZLE: Each jigsaw puzzle is precisely cut, the puzzle interface is tight, strong bite, excellent texture, not easy to fall apart, and the surface pattern is bright and beautiful. The finished size is 29.5x19.7 inches.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE: The back of the jigsaw puzzles are printed with English letters, divided into several areas, which can be spelled according to the letters to reduce the difficulty.

FUN OF JIGSAW PUZZLES: Puzzles are a fun, inexpensive way to entertain and puzzle, exercising hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and problem-solving abilities. Challenge your family and friends and provide hours of fun and entertainment.

NEVER MISSING: We make sure the product is high quality first, and if you miss a piece, we'll send you a replacement. Puzzles are a great gift for all ages to collaborate with your family, kids, and friends to pass the fun time.

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