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Domino Train Toy Set for Kids (Pink) - 80pcs, Domino Blocks Set Building and Stacking Toy, Automatic Domino Rally Train Games Gift for Boy Gril Ages 3-12 (Batteries not Included)

Domino Train Toy Set for Kids (Pink) - 80pcs, Domino Blocks Set Building and Stacking Toy, Automatic Domino Rally Train Games Gift for Boy Gril Ages 3-12 (Batteries not Included)

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🚂Start Domino Challenge! -- Every child will be attracted to dominoes and electric train toys, including adults like us lol. This domino train is sure to become a favorite of children, with the help of the electric train, the dominoes are arranged one after the other.Then you knock down the first domino, and a chain reaction occurs and they fall one after the other. 【Optional Purchase Additional Dominoes ASIN: B0BJQ3MJ6Q】

🚂Easy To Set Up and Knock Down -- Place the dominoes neatly in the train chimney, then attach the chimney bracket to the locomotive and they will stay there until the electric train releases them one by one as it travels on the ground, leaving a perfect row of dominoes waiting to be knocked down. You can also turn the button while the train is moving to change the direction of travel.

🚂100% Safe and Burrfree -- The product material is non-toxic and tasteless, and the edges are smooth and polished, so children can grasp it with confidence. The trains and dominoes are bright and full of colors, which are easy to attract children's eyes and improve their concentration. Battery operated - batteries not included.

🚂Fun Toys for Kids to Enlighten -- Whether it's parent-child time or children playing alone, this Domino electric train toy is the best choice, it will provide children with high concentration, exercise their eye-hand coordination, ability, patience, creativity and divergent thinking. it’s a lot of fun while aiding in the development of color recognition, cognitive abilities, spatial relationships and teamwork.

🚂The Perfect Gift for Kids -- Even we will be attracted to it and play a few rounds, that for children, this domino train will be the focal point of toys. Especially if you and your kids/grandkids are domino or train fans, can also be used as Chris as gifts, Halloween gifts, children's birthday surprises and jigsaw puzzles, giving children a happy entertainment time.

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