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Fascinating Smart Kids Mind Teasers: Easy Large Print Activity Workbook With Word Scramble

Fascinating Smart Kids Mind Teasers: Easy Large Print Activity Workbook With Word Scramble

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Puzzle books are a great way to enrich your child's learning with skill-building fun.Have you ever wanted your charming kids to have better rational thoughts and deductive analysis skills measure up to his/her friends? What a great way to increase your vocabulary and activate your mind! Portable and great for on-the-go learning with answers found at the back of the book.

Here is some of what you are getting:

Over 100 pages of mind-boggling puzzles that will expand your vocabulary and math skills

Great puzzle book with larger than normal letters and includes all solutions at the end of the book. Many hours of guaranteed puzzle fun for all ages of children. Unique 8.5 x 11 layout with puzzles that you can actually see and blank space to work out each puzzle. Wide inner margins so you can easily tear pages out. One puzzle per 8.5 x 11-inch page with plenty of room to work.

Boost their Memory! The more new words that come into your child's brain, the more they will try to memorize the words. The more you learn, the better you get at remembering things. Large-print word searches for easy searching of words With hundreds of words waiting to be discovered, we guarantee more fun and challenging pages for your child! Word search puzzles are the best way to expand vocabulary and learn spellings.

Word scrambling is a very good exercise to improve children's spelling skills.

All of the sudoku puzzles inside this book are specifically designed for kids. But adults can also have fun with these puzzles. Easy medium-hard sudoku puzzles. A brain game for smart kids Sudoku is more "active" than other sedentary activities Sudoku puzzles engage your child's brain and at the same time lets them relax. Sudoku teaches your child logical thinking and deductive reasoning skills, even at a young age.

It can be very frustrating if you don't have the proper guidance or instructions...

That's why we're including puzzle solving techniques included just to make sure you know what to do, whether you are a beginner or you've played before and answers to each word find puzzle can easily be found at the back of the book ;)

Not only that, but customer satisfaction is our priority AND AS ALWAYS, YOUR ENJOYMENT IS GUARANTEED - The well-designed puzzles were carefully selected & evaluated to make sure that players get to maximize their analytical and logic skills. The range in difficulty is also wide, so no matter what your skill level is, you'll enjoy this puzzle book! Shipped with absolute care & love, rest assured that this activity book will reach you or your loved one in perfect condition.

Are you ready to put your brainpower to the test? Over 100 pages of brain games. What builds self-esteem in an eager young learner? Experienced parents and child experts agree, lasting confidence comes from a child's accomplishments — from winning small challenges and mastering new skills. It is learning while having fun! 100% Kids Appropriate Material – handpicked math themes that interest children. Includes these puzzles: Word Search, Sudoku, and Word Scrambles. In today's competitive environment everyone must strive to reach his or her full potential if they want success. Students can do this by working to improve their brainpower. They will need highly developed logical and analytical thinking skills. Why not start early with this book? With the beginning level puzzle activity book, even the youngest child learns to tackle activities independently, and puzzle-solving skills begin to grow. What's more, your child can switch to the advanced Puzzle Books at any time!

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Author: Red, Lynn

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 153

Release Date: 13-07-2020

EAN: 9798666108543

Languages: English

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