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Hong Kong Map Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle 152 Piece, 15x10 inches

Hong Kong Map Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle 152 Piece, 15x10 inches

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Experience the vibrant fusion of culture, nature, and culinary delights with this Hong Kong wooden jigsaw puzzle. Featuring an illustrated map of Hong Kong, this puzzle showcases its iconic landmarks, fascinating animals, and mouthwatering food. With 152 precisely cut wooden pieces, it offers an engaging challenge for both children and adults, making it an ideal activity for family bonding or individual relaxation. From the majestic skyline of Victoria Harbour to the playful pandas in Ocean Park and the tantalizing dim sum, each piece of this puzzle unveils a different aspect of Hong Kong's rich heritage. Crafted from high-quality wood, this puzzle ensures durability, making it a treasured addition to your puzzle collection.The Hong Kong Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle measures approximately 14 inches by 10 inches when completed, providing a visually stunning representation of the city's captivating landmarks, adorable animals, and delectable food. Whether you have cherished memories of Hong Kong or are simply intrigued by its diverse culture, this puzzle offers an immersive way to explore the city's wonders.Embark on a journey through Hong Kong's landmarks and savor its mouthwatering cuisine with this captivating wooden jigsaw puzzle.

152 wooden puzzle pieces, including 2 unique whimsies

Illustrated map of Hong Kong's landmarks, animals and food

Completed puzzle measures approximately 15 inches by 10 inches

Suitable for both children and adults

Durable and high-quality wood materials

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