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I Don't Want You to Read This: a collection of essays my therapist was tired of listening to

I Don't Want You to Read This: a collection of essays my therapist was tired of listening to

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Note: This book is not an advice book. That would be a terrible idea.I Don’t Want You to Read This is for the recovering perfectionists out there, for energy drink addicts, for you and me, who find beauty in simplicity. These stories are for those with childhoods of scraped knees and welfare meals, who grew up and continue to buy generic pasta. These words are for everyone and no one, for those burdened by the grief of heartbreak and for those who occasionally chuck phones against walls in rage extempore. These pages are for those who inhale the adrenaline of challenges and those who are simply trying to survive the emotional landmines of highly combustible teenagers.From this book, you will learn very little.Instead, you might feel triggered or confused. You may feel anger, grief, or nothing at all. Your invitation? Feel what you feel. Choose to be uncomfortable with the shame, the guilt, or the nothingness that manifests as discomfort. Be authentic about how you feel and make connections to your own stories (nerd alert: our brains create new neural pathways this way), then put the book down and go outside for a walk.These pages are a place for you, for her, for him, for strangers and friends to place the heavy, uncomfortable emotions and intrusive thoughts that take up prime real estate in our brilliant brains. Let them rest safely here on these pages. These pages were designed to protect your anger, hold your grief, and build up your courage as you face the daily duality of conflict and peace. Scrawl your stories down on these pages.These are our pages.

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