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Intelligent Kids Educational Logic Games: Easy to Medium Puzzle Book Comprises of Wordsearch

Intelligent Kids Educational Logic Games: Easy to Medium Puzzle Book Comprises of Wordsearch

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This unique puzzle book is loaded with an awesome variety of, fun logic puzzles and brain games!Do you ever want your kids to achieve their maximum potential while doing what they would be keen on and take pleasure in? Ready for a light brain workout then these cool puzzles are right for your child. Let them solve some of these puzzles to build their intelligence and imagination easily! Children nowadays spend too much time on gadgets and smartphones. Here is a smart alternative.

Inside this book you will find everything you are looking for:

100 pages of exciting and different themes for hours of entertainment

Our puzzle books are paperback bound (the size of a magazine) Large font to keep your eyes fresh Large pages make it easy to concentrate Bigger print than in most newspapers and magazines (and with better paper). Easy to tear out, thanks to wide margins.

Exciting puzzles give hours of fun as children explore awesome topics in word search games for kids. Word puzzles are the best pass time activity; it turns out to a boredom buster and is very helpful for our mental health. It trains all attributes of the brain. If you love word search puzzles for keeping your mind nimble then this book is perfect for you. Word search puzzles can help to reinforce spellings in your child's mind, encourage problem-solving, extend their vocabulary, and boost their memory.

Brain-boosting word puzzles with increasing difficulty expand children's vocabulary, sharpen their spelling, and help them discover new words.

Build your logic and problem-solving skills--and have fun along the way--with this book of sudoku puzzles! Don't kill time any longer! Teach your kids to develop critical thinking and logic skills with the addicting fun of Sudoku! Sudoku is a fun game that has many grades of difficulty and it's fantastic for problem solving and brain development. This sudoku book is recommended for ages 4-9 but after learning the basic idea even a 3-year-old can really start enjoying them. It's definitely worth a try! Great for preschoolers and kindergarteners!

It can be very frustrating if you don't have the proper guidance or instructions...

That's why we're including INSTRUCTIONS at the beginning of your activity book AND instructions and solutions provided for all puzzles!!

Not only that, but customer satisfaction is our priority **Kids love it, 100% Money-Back Guarantee**

Super challenging puzzles let kids sharpen their skills from one-word search to the next Make Students Believe Everybody is Gifted and Talented in MATH Keep your kids busy, entertained, and having fun while they learn. 100% Kids Appropriate Material – handpicked math themes that interest children. These activities are perfect for daily practice, morning work, homework, math centers, early finishers, test preparation, assessment, math drills, daily math practice, homeschooling, or for middle school students struggling with multiplication or division. GREAT FOR BEGINNERS AND EXPERTS By using this Puzzle Book you could experience enhanced brain capabilities for example focus, logical thinking, and memory. With the beginning level puzzle activity book, even the youngest child learns to tackle activities independently, and puzzle-solving skills begin to grow. What's more, your child can switch to the advanced Puzzle Books at any time!

Learning is more effective when it is an active rather than a passive process" - Kurt Lewin

Puzzle books provide hours of fun and make perfect gifts

If you want to spend your time productively and have fun at the same time, then scroll up and click "Add To Cart" button

Author: Red, Lynn

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 153

Release Date: 14-07-2020

EAN: 9798666362495

Languages: English

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