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Large Fast Sling Puck Game - Fast-Paced Fun for a Family Game Night or for a Party with Friends - Test Your Speed and Accuracy with This Wooden Hockey Board Game

Large Fast Sling Puck Game - Fast-Paced Fun for a Family Game Night or for a Party with Friends - Test Your Speed and Accuracy with This Wooden Hockey Board Game

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Did you know? is inspired by the French game, known as “Table à l'élastique”. This game is part of a range of traditional wooden games. Like many games of this type, its origin remains uncertain but it dates back to the 18th century. Back then people used cat guts for the rubber bands which have the particularity of being elastic when moistened. The Story After a recent trip to the souern French town Avignon, I stumbled upon a couple of young people that were having so much fun over a simple game in the park. The design and simplicity of this wooden game in addition to the joy it was spreading around immediately grabbed my attention. I had to try it. The people there were kind enough to let me join them for a couple of rounds and I immediately got addicted. Since their version was handcrafted by themselves and they had no idea where I can buy a similar game from, I said to myself: “This needs to be shared with the world.” Over the following months, I worked hard on creating the perfect version. The ideal size of the board, pucks and frames. The smoothest surface so that the pucks slide like on ice. And finally after a lot of fun tests with my friends and family, it was ready. This is and I’m really thrilled to share it with you. -- Chris, Founder and designer of Play Anywhere is that type of game that you can take with you to your favorite spot and enjoy it with friends or family for hours. Whether it’s in the mountains, at the lake or at the beach, it’s always a good idea to pack it and have it with you. Play with Everyone Everyone loves . Kids, siblings, parents and even grandparents will enjoy and will have lots of laughs with . It’s also a fun way to start up your favorite family game night. Trust me - it always makes it to the table and people just can’t get enough of it. Ready for a party? Not without . This is the best game to warm up the party! Get those shots ready ... five pucks on each side ... high ten ... GO!

🤩 A GUARANTEED FUN FOR EVERYONE - will entertain kids and adults and we guarantee that it will bring a lot of laughter and joy from the minute you start playing.

🌟 PREMIUM CRAFTED WOODEN GAME AND PUCKS - We stand behind our brand and high-quality standards. Every game is hand crafted to ensure that it is durable, long-lasting and fun to play.

🏕️ PLAY ANYWHERE - Camping in nature or going for a family holiday at the beach. Whether it's a party at your friend’s house or gathering with your family around the game table - the comfortable packaging allows for easy transportation and storage. Where will you take it?

🎁 THE PERFECT PRESENT - We designed a beautiful packaging so that our game can be used as a holiday or a birthday gift. Surprise your kids or friends with lots of smiles and joy. We guarantee it!

🌱 SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY - Odor free and environmentally friendly. Built from solid wood with a nice and smooth finishing makes this tabletop game 100% recyclable.

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