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Learn English for Adult Beginners: 3 Books in 1 - ESL Certified: Speak English In 30 Days!

Learn English for Adult Beginners: 3 Books in 1 - ESL Certified: Speak English In 30 Days!

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English Grammar Guide Learn fundamental principles of English grammar, apply grammar rules, and see real-life examples to demonstrate grammar usage in context. Overcome typical grammatical difficulties that adult learners encounter with ease. English Vocabulary Guide Improve your vocabulary for describing people, objects, food, drink, travel, events, and idioms, with useful phrases for business English and navigating the workplace. Tons of Fun & Engaging Short Stories Discover diverse short stories with tailored vocabulary and grammar exercises to practice essential language skills and enhance real-life communication. Include Exercises and Activities to Practice Reinforce your newly acquired knowledge, vocabulary, and grammar with engaging exercises and activities. "Thanks to 'Learn English for Adult Beginners,' I overcame my struggles with English pronunciation and grammar. The clear explanations and practical exercises helped me tackle obstacles. The pronunciation guide conquered difficult sounds, while concise grammar lessons boosted my understanding. Now, I’m speaking English more fluently daily and communicate confidently." “As a native Mandarin speaker, learning English presented challenges, especially with vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. This book saved me. Its comprehensive vocabulary section expanded my word knowledge, while clear explanations of idioms made them understandable. With practice and guidance, I confidently embraced English idiomatic expressions and enhanced my language skills.” “Learn English for Adult Beginners 3 in 1 book transformed my English spelling and writing struggles. This reliable resource offered practical exercises and strategies for spelling accuracy. The writing section taught essential grammar rules and sentence structure. Thanks to this book, my writing skills significantly improved, allowing me to express myself confidently in English.” “This amazing book helped me overcome the hurdle of English listening comprehension as a native Ukrainian speaker. The exercises and dialogues enabled effective practice, while the book provided valuable tips to understand native speakers. Thanks to this resource, I now listen with ease and comprehend English conversations clearly."

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