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Magnetic Letters Practicing Board, Magnets Tracing ABC Alphabet Board Learning to Write Uppercase&Lowercase Educational Toy Fine Motor Gift for 3 4 5 Years Old Preschool Kids

Magnetic Letters Practicing Board, Magnets Tracing ABC Alphabet Board Learning to Write Uppercase&Lowercase Educational Toy Fine Motor Gift for 3 4 5 Years Old Preschool Kids

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A Magical Magnet pad that Makes it Mesmerizing. The magic tracing board offers kids a visual feast and the satisfying pop-up sound when gliding from hole to hole, which helps reinforce grip strength, and gives them different ways to interact with letters they can memorize alphabet letters better. Kids are inherently fascinated by different kinds of audible and visible objects around. They are quickly impressed by what they have seen and heard. Vowels that identify in red help kids differentiate between consonants and vowels with a glance while showing them how to write upper and lower case letters. When kids ace the alphabet letters, they become excellent readers, speakers, and communicators in writing and speaking! Alphabet Learning Aid Unless the board becomes severely damaged, the metal balls will stay securely in place, inside the letter slots on the board so there isn’t a chance for them to be ingested! In searching for a great addition to a homeschool routine for pre-k? Then you are in the right spot! Educators, homeschool mamas and classroom teachers can also use the magnetic tracing pad to help kids who just starting to learn to write; or those having trouble with corrections on letter formation master the alphabet and build penmanship. You may assist your little one in their letter tracing --- It’s a great bonding moment for you and your kid! Essential Skills: Writing Fluency Alphabet Recognition Letter Formation Fine-Motor Skills Muscle Memory Hand-Eye Coordination Tracing letters sharpen hand eye coordination, spatial awareness, and dexterity. Letter recognition? Hand control? Both! When you add tracing to your little ones’ learning time, it helps refine those pre-writing skills, laying a firm foundation for drawing and emerging writing. The ability to write majorly depends on muscle control, which can refine through constant training. It boosts writing fluency, muscle memory, and legibility. For struggling readers, this product teaches in so many different ways. Children can use fingers to do strokes by pushing beads down to reinforce the letter shape, wiping their hand over the letter to clear the ‘trace’;

Magnetic ABC Tablet: Learn letters visually with magnetic alphabet tracing board! Feature large font, heavy-duty made, the writing pad in compact size comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters in one without having to has two separate boards, with a magnet stylus for tracing.

Mesmerizing Writing Toy: The magic writing board with lead-free ABS material made a safer toy for kids. A forceful enough but not super magnetic stylus is appropriate to attract those metal balls to pop up while adding a smooth tactility for letter-tracing. Teaches capital letters, lowercase letters, letter strokes, and much more!

Master Letter Formation: Each letter has the strokes numbered and arrows identifying the stroke directions to form the letters. Greatly help a child knows the sequence of writing the letter. The retractable writing utensil stores well in the handle, portable to be a car ride, plane, camping, or teaching activity on the run!

Motor Dexterity Practice: Great tool for building the muscle memory for writing letters, reference for the steps to writing each letter, and alphabet review! The magnetic writing board can do tracing for endless times simply by wiping the beads with a pen or a hand. Durable product that will last and can use over and over again.

Makes a Perfect Gift: Do copying and tracing make a child smarter? Of course! Refine kids' penmanship starting with this magical magnetized letter tracing board! Make a perfect gift for Chris as, Thanksgiving, Easter, and birthdays for toddlers and kids over 3years old.

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