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Matching Letter Game, Alphabet Spelling Reading Flash Cards, Math Number Words Puzzle Early Learning Educational Gift Toys for 3 4 5 Year Old Kids

Matching Letter Game, Alphabet Spelling Reading Flash Cards, Math Number Words Puzzle Early Learning Educational Gift Toys for 3 4 5 Year Old Kids

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Multi-Functional: Letters Learning Words Recognition Reading Skills Early-Math Concept Consonants&Vowels Hand-Eye Coordination Visual Stimulation Addition/ Subtraction Proceed from 3-letter words to four or five, or even six letters. Great Executive Function Game It has different game variations to keep it interesting. The plastic holder has a moving part in the card slot that you can cover or reveal the answers. Cover the answer and have them sound it out on their own. Young kids can have access to see the whole word and put the corresponding letter to match the word. As they get older and advanced, switch to a more challenging mode! Intellectually Simulating Toy The matching letter game is a great help in teaching children their letters, spelling, and reading. Whether for kids who hate sitting down and learning letters or have trouble reading, or spelling words, this eye-catching learning toy will be a hit that engages both! Each letter dice carry six random letters, which make up all the combinations available on flashcards (not every cube has every letter). While confusing letters such as M/W are made recognizable with underline, meaning that the line goes at the bottom. Get Away From Electronics Learning letters&number games is a perfect tool for developing and strengthening kids’ recognition of letters, basic mathematics, and spelling. Learning spelling construction along with practicing simple math counting is super fun! Not only does they function as a parent-child game, but also work great for letter recognition, and reading readiness. For kids obsessed with electronics, these are a great helper to unplug and get them off pads or phones and effectively cut off their screen time. Manipulating those letter blocks and number tiles is a fun way to get hands-on positive feedback, allowing kids to have multiple ways of play yet without batteries!

Letter Spelling Game: You get 52 activity cards with mathematical practices and spelling games, 11 letter dice, 20 number tiles with 3mathematical symbols, 1 letter tray, and a draw-string bag from the value pack. An outstanding game for kids to learn how to spell and associate with imagery.

Hands-On Learning Toy: Fun and educational matching letter cubes are a perfect fit for small hands, and 52 cards are durable and sturdy in palm-sized. While picking up and placing the cubes into place is a fine-motor practice, searching through the letter dice is also helpful for kids to go through letter sounds.

Emerging Literacy Activity: The letter matching game helps your kid grow as a beginner reader. It contains some 3-letter words that are great CVC words and that preschoolers can sound out on their own, which is a perfect start for them to get familiar with pictures, sight words, spelling, and sounds of the letters. Enhance vocabulary and phonic area in learning.

Great Confident Booster: They gamify learning without children realizing it! The holding frame has a flap where you can open or close to see or hide the words, giving kids the freedom and confidence to explore spelling and reading by themselves.

Supplemental Learning Device: This engaging matching game is a great way to get kids off the electronics while learning to sound out 3and 4-letter words and doing simple mathematics. Perfect for homeschool mama, classroom supplies, or any other teaching aid. Be a healing aid for kids with short attention span, autistic, speech delay, etc.

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