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Mythical Creatures Drawing Game for Kids Mashup Animal Art Ideas. 150 Prompt Cards. Creative Teens + Family Fun Night All Imaginations.

Mythical Creatures Drawing Game for Kids Mashup Animal Art Ideas. 150 Prompt Cards. Creative Teens + Family Fun Night All Imaginations.

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150 Simple Art Prompt Cards. Wildly Infinite Outcomes! 25 Blue Prompts SMALL Animals ( spiders, butterfly, insects, snail, frog... ) 25 Yellow Prompts MEDIUM Animals ( angler fish, eagle, iguana, lemur, pug... ) 25 Red Prompts LARGE Animals ( alligator, elephant, dinosaurs, lion, moose... ) 50 Purple Prompts DETAILS & CHALLENGES ( 2-headed, add horns, draw blindfold, futuristic, nerdy, superhero... ) 25 Green Prompts HABITAT & BACKGROUND ( in outer space, at theme park, underwater, in a pet shop or nigh are... ) + VARIATIONS Play ALONE or GROUP ROUND ROBIN – where each artist passes, then adds their unique talents to each new art piece! Always Random, Unpredictable Drawing Challenges! Push Your Imagination! Develop Your Own Creative Style! YOUNGER ARTISTS: Start with just 3 cards. Add as abilities improve. All Skills Welcome! 5 Categories Line Art of Real Animals Always Unpredictable Magical Mullets Coloring Book! Franken Monsters Art Fun! SketchaMoley: The Silliest Family Drawing Game! Mythical Creatures Drawing Deck Brain Power Coloring Book of Mullet Hairstyles! Mashing Up Monster Parts to Make New, Funny Ones! Quickly Draw, Pass & Build Artwork Together thru Imaginative Game Play! Animal-Based Art & Creativity! Time to Play 10 Min. 30 Min. 5 Min. 5 - 60 Min. Imagination Required Coloring ✓ ✓ ✓ # of Players 1 3-6 Players 1 - 6+ Players 1 - 4+ Players Type of Item Hilarious Coloring Book Card Game (150) Illustrated Prompts Card Game (66) 6-Sided Prompt Word Cards Card Game (150) Sketched Animal Prompts Family Safe! ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

★ FLIP 5 RANDOM DRAWING IDEAS on PROMPT CARDS ★ IMAGINE & DRAW a MYTHICAL CREATURE as ONE ART PIECE using your own art tools and any level of skills. Encourage creative freedom, planning, free thinking & artistic ideas! Pass and add-on to art during ROUND ROBIN as a TEAM BUILDING mental exercise or play alone in SOLO mode.

★ ONE-of-a-KIND DRAWINGS from IMAGINATIONS! This unique DRAWING DECK of IDEAS is an INSPIRATIONAL ART GENERATOR. Real animal sketches on each game card enhance your wild imagination with hours of endless ideas & hilariously wild creations! Mixed-up Animals & Mythical creatures will evolve out of your brain and scribble across your PAPER or CANVAS!

★ NO LOSERS HERE - Without Rules or Judgment, these simple prompt cards bring mental focus to calm, creative minds to enhance doodling skills, inspiring imaginative and therapeutic artpieces or LOL Laughing sessions for juvenile, willing artists to truly push the minds to the max!

★ ART TEACHER GIFTS - Spark quiet creativity time before ART CLASS time starts or hysterical FAMILY FUN NIGHTS or creative birthday party gifts! Put those phones away and play! When the students get rowdy or after a test, pull out these cards and watch them start to draw! STEAM Educational tool.

★ Stow away devices and keep pencils, ART tablets, tools and sketchbooks doodling, using colored pencils, crayons, pen & ink, watercolors or acrylic - you'll have a creative art blast with these mixed up creature prompts!

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