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Octopus Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults by

Octopus Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults by

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Doing a puzzle is not only a way to sit back, chill or relax at home, at your own cozy place. To many puzzle lovers, the completed puzzle glued and hung on the wall gives them great satisfaction to look at. That’s why we make fun wooden jigsaw puzzles with different artwork patterns and themed whimsies, so every puzzle addict can find their peace with our puzzle collection. creates unique jigsaw puzzles for all puzzle connoisseur. Our top-picked is animal wooden puzzles, from your four-legged friends like dogs, cat wooden puzzles; to wildlife, mystical, or underwater creatures; or holiday themes such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Chris as, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter Sunday, National Pet Day etc. Unique shape puzzle pieces Random cut shapes by highly precise cutting technologyInterlocking, well-fitted and study puzzle pieces Impressive puzzle display Our wooden puzzles can be put together or framed and mounted as an aesthetically pleasing wall decoration. Original artwork only All of our puzzles are either hand-drawn by our artists or bought with copyright license. When you buy our jigsaw puzzles, you're buying the original ones. Unique gift for your loved ones Our wooden puzzles come in a sturdy and easy-to-wrap wooden box.Perfect for gifting and storage. Wooden gifts that represent love. Octopus Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Turtle Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Sea Cockleshell Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Elephant Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Penguin Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Horse Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces 142 173 158 146 127 171 Size 17.3 x 13.6 in (44 x 34.5 cm) 13.9 x 17.3 in (35.2 x 44 cm) 17.2 x 17.3 in (43.7 x 44 cm) 14.3 x 17.8 in (37 x 45 cm) 8.4 x 17.3 in (21.4 x 44 cm) 16.4 x 17.4 in (42 x 44 cm) Wolf Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Corgi Dog Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Sun and Moon Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Butterfly Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Dinosaur Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Shark Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces 162 157 196 127 164 115 Size 12.6 x 18.9 in (32 x 48 cm) 14.4 x 17.4 in (37 x 44 cm) 15.4 x 15.4 in (39 x 39 cm) 17.5 x 12.3 in (44 x 31 cm) 14.1 x 17.4 in (36 x 44 cm) 17.2 x 19.5 in (44 x 50 cm) Rooster Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Dream Catcher Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Dolphin Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Starfish Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Dragonfly Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Jellyfish Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces 160 146 152 136 116 163 Size 17.4 x 16.6 in (32 x 48 cm) 12.5 x 21.0 in (32 x 53 cm) 13.8 x 19.8 in (35 x 50 cm) 17.4 x 16.2 in (44 x 41 cm) 19.4 x 14.1 in (49 x 36 cm) 13.3 x 17.4 in (34 x 44 cm) Santa Claus Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Gnome Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Rabbit Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Frog Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Otter Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Cat Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces 162 148 131 155 105 265 Size 13.1 x 18.4 in (33 x 47 cm) 11.8 x 20.9 in (30 x 53 cm) 18.4 x 15.9 in (47 x 40 cm) 17.7 x 16.6 in (45 x 42 cm) 13 x 19 in (33 x 48 cm) 12.7 x 17.9 in (32.2 x 45.5 cm)

We create beautiful wooden jigsaw puzzles made with original, vivid hand-drawn art that is eye mesmerizing and worth framing as aesthetic home decor.

We use high-quality laser-cutting technologies for durable and interlocking puzzle pieces.

All puzzles are made with unique laser-cut pieces, no straight edge, and feature up to 50 animal whimsies to double the puzzling fun.

Not just facilitating creative play and problem-solving ability, our animal-shaped puzzles also bring hours of fun for all family members.

The wooden box can be open like a book: a classic & stylish storage box for your puzzle. It will be a beautiful gift for everyone, on any occasion, such as a birthday gift or anniversary, holiday gift.

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