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OUTSMARTED! The Live Family Quiz Show Board Game | Ages 8+ | for 2 to 24 Players (Outsmarted! 2023 Edition)

OUTSMARTED! The Live Family Quiz Show Board Game | Ages 8+ | for 2 to 24 Players (Outsmarted! 2023 Edition)

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Outsmarted! The dawn of a new era of interactive, immersive family board gaming Outsmarted connects with your mobile, tablet or laptop to host the most thrilling & addictive family board game experience ever!! Get ready for exciting, immersive gameplay. Outsmarted is one of world's fastest growing new board game with over 170,000 copies sold since launch... 1 A level playing field 2 Tricky for kids 3 Challenging for teens 4 Tough for adults 5 The Question Store Feature comparison with popular alternatives Outsmarted - Ultra Trivial Pursuit The Logo Game I should have known that! Number of questions Over 6,500 2,400 1,500 Over 400 Multimedia content Licensed images & video clips None Images None Family can compete together Kids, teens & adults questions Only adult questions Family questions Family questions Supports remote play Up to 5 remote players / teams No No No Player pieces Colour 3D genius miniatures One colour plastic One colour plastic NA Always up to date? New questions added daily No No No Add-on categories Includes add-on categories None None None Feature updates Regular feature updates No No No Multiple modes Multiple game modes No No No Timed game modes 30, 60, 90 minutes No No No Leaderboards & stats During & after play No No No Expand game A library of categories Add-on question boxes No No Can I get even more questions? Outsmarted comes with 6,500+ Core Pack questions as well as a growing library of included and premium add-on categories available instantly in-app. What are the standard six question categories, which come with Outsmarted? Outsmarted's six main categories are 1) TV, Film & Books 2) Sound & Music 3) Pub Quiz 4) Back 2 School 5) Quick Thinking 6) Breaking News Can I change the six question categories I play with? Yes. The coloured spaces on the Outsmarted board correspond to the question category, so you can play Outsmarted with any six categories of your choosing. Simply select your chosen six categories during game setup. How are the questions different from all the traditional trivia / quiz board games? Questions in Outsmarted are served via the accompanying app, this enables questions to include photos, videos & song clips. Visual and sound effects provide a fully immersive LIVE QUIZ SHOW family experience.

IT’S A LIVE FAMILY TRIVIA QUIZ SHOW IN YOUR LIVING ROOM: Outsmarted uses the power of technology to create the most exciting, immersive board game experience ever!! Put your friends & family in the against the clock in your own ‘Live TV Trivia Quiz Show’.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALMOST ALL DEVICES: Run the Outsmarted app on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Chromebook, Windows 10 laptop or PC. Connect up to 24 devices as handheld quiz controllers.

KIDS VS TEENS VS ADULTS: Outsmarted automatically adjusts question difficulty & context to create a level playing field. Watch out adults. Now anyone in the family can win!

ALWAYS UP TO DATE: If it happened yesterday it could be a question in the game today! Say goodbye to stale, outdated questions, All 6 question categories are update regularly and our Breaking News category is updated daily.

WORLD’S FIRST REMOTE PLAY BOARD GAME: Your friends & family can now join your game wherever they are in world! There's even a virtual board and voice-chat functionality. All they need is the free Outsmarted app.

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