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The Best Game in The Ewe-niverse - Think Like a Sheep - Fun for The Wool Family

The Best Game in The Ewe-niverse - Think Like a Sheep - Fun for The Wool Family

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Each player is a sheep who is trying to become a “” – a sheep that walks upright, wears human clothing, goes to school, and is working toward a career.

PARTY GAME | is the game every party and game night needs. The rapid brainstorming, matching, and hilarious sheep antics will leave everyone in stitches and provide great interaction from beginning to end.

FUN FOR EVERYONE | Everyone can play! Kids, teenagers, college students, and adults alike will have a blast playing together. is perfect for game nights, birthday parties, holiday gatherings, as an ice breaker, or on a vacation.

FRANTIC BRAINSTORMING | Pick a category, then each player has a minute to scribble down as many items as they can think of. However, items only score points if other players also put them down. So to win, you must Think Like a Sheep!

WOOL-SOME ENTERTAINMENT | Start as a sheep, in the E-lamb-entary School. The first player to graduate from the Ewe-niversity, and become a , wins!

EASY TO LEARN, FUN TO PLAY | 2 minutes to learn, 30 minutes to play, a lifetime of fun! Game Includes 1 Beautiful Game Board, 116 Category Cards (348 Categories), 46 Pun Event Cards, 10 Character Game Pieces, 1 Sand Timer, 1 Rule Sheet. What are ewe waiting for? ADD TO YOUR CART NOW! will be a smash hit at your next party or game night!

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