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The Mental Game: Winning the War Within Your Mind (Sports for the Soul)

The Mental Game: Winning the War Within Your Mind (Sports for the Soul)

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There is a war going on within your mind. It’s a battle between the positive and the negative. The side that wins determines the life you live.This book will show you how to take control of your thoughts and win the inner war against negativity.In this inspirational fable, Jack McKee is a professional golfer who has just suffered through the most humiliating meltdown of his career. After years of struggle, he is ready to quit on his dream. He has convinced himself he doesn’t have what it takes to make it on the PGA Tour.In a desperate attempt to figure out why his career has ended up the way it has, Jack reaches out to one of the game’s greatest former players for advice. This legendary golfer teaches Jack that the problem is not in his swing, but in his mind.As Jack learns to combat his thoughts of self-doubt and worry, his golf game improves right along with his mindset, culminating in the most important tournament of his career.As this story plays out, you will learn...- How to take control of your thoughts and make sure they are working for you instead of against you.- The importance of talking to yourself instead of listening to yourself.- How to develop a morning and evening mental routine that will keep you in a positive state of mind.- The technique used by many of the world’s most successful people to make gratitude a part of their daily lives.- The fastest way to fight off worry and negative thoughts.- How to protect your mind from the negative, anxiety-producing, and failure-oriented messages that surround us daily.- The importance of your self-image and how to program it for your benefit.- The biggest, yet often-misunderstood, key to performing at your best when the pressure turns up.- How to find peace and confidence no matter what is going on around you.- And much more...This book is about the mental game we all must play on a daily basis — regardless of our chosen profession. It will show you how to win the inner war that takes place within your mind.Once you start winning the war in your mind, you will start winning in the game of life.

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