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The Mental Health Card Game Where You Fight Negativity

The Mental Health Card Game Where You Fight Negativity

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THE GAME WHERE YOU FIGHT NEGATIVITY is the card game where you battle to save your friends from negativity. Dealing each player a hero and power cards, you use your Empathy Points to fight the monstrous Echoes and your shield to protect from their attack. Team up with Jay, Kai, Aditi, and their friends when they find themselves face-to-face with the Echoes - twisted villains tormented by negative thoughts. When the Echoes lash out and overwhelm one of your team, you must select your empathy-charged superpowers to battle them, being careful not to hit trigger points. Play as one of 12 characters in the game. Fight one of the 15 villainous Echoes. Use a Power to battle the Echo's negativity and rescue your friends! What's Inside? The deck contains 12 Character cards, 14 Power cards, 15 Echo cards, 12 Trigger cards, 2 instruction cards, and a dice card. Learn Positive Thinking Through Play The gameplay of is built on underlying principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Each part of the game works to instill patterns of positive thinking, develop empathy, and encourage players to visualize new ways of thinking about challenging situations. A core element of the game is that there are no villains. There are 12 playable characters and, just like in life, any of them can be the hero and any can become overwhelmed by negativity. In each round you’re battling another character, but you’re battling to save them - not defeat them. The therapy techniques incorporated into the gameplay start with the ‘power’ cards. Each of these, from Freeze Blast (which helps block negativity) to Magma-Pop (which helps channel anger into an energy for change) is a metaphor for healthier patterns of thinking and a way to develop a positive response to stressful situations.

The card game that teaches positive mental health.

Play as different characters, pick your superpower, and use your Empathy Points to rescue your friends.

Gameplay is built around therapy techniques that teach ways of dealing with stress, anxiety, aggression, and negative thoughts.

Use powers that teach positive thinking to battle monsters driven by negativity.

Ideal to help kids explore difficult emotions in the home, classroom, or therapy session.

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