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Turn for The Wurst - A Hotdog Building Card Game

Turn for The Wurst - A Hotdog Building Card Game

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Get your buns warmed up for this hotdog building game! Players compete to a quire condiments, complete recipes, and score points in this rummy style card game. Don't worry if you find yourself in a pickle there are plenty of rounds to earn your cheese. So have fun chili'n with your friends, and we hope this game doesn't leave you Sauer(kraut).

Turn for the Wurst is a set collection card game. Collect condiments to complete recipe cards and score points.

With 12 unique recipes and 10 unique condiments you will have the ability to compete over and over again without you buns getting stale.

Easy to learn and quick to play, this rummy inspired card game is great for both casual and competitive card players.

For 2-6 players. Play a single round in 5-10 minutes or settle in for a multi-round game to a agreed upon point total.

Includes: 120 Condiment Cards, 24 Recipe Cards, and game instructions sheet.

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