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Wiggly Word Search Maze, Volume 1: 500 Puzzles (Word Search Variations)

Wiggly Word Search Maze, Volume 1: 500 Puzzles (Word Search Variations)

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This Word Search variation in the form of Wiggly Word Maze Puzzles will bend your mind far more than conventional straight-line Word Search Puzzles. Unique and Challenging Word Search Variation in the form of a WORD MAZE with mind boggling 10,000 words to find in 500 puzzles.Cranky, Twisty or Wiggly Word Search Maze are one and the same, a great variation to the regular word search but with a slightly higher challenge. Here the words are NOT in a straight line, but the letters could go in any eight directions. You begin with the circled letter and find a word from the word list. Then connect the last letter of the (previous) word to the first letter of the next word and repeat the process to find and connect all words in a single Wiggly line, which sometimes crosses over itself, but the words never share letters; similar to a Maze formation. This requires a little extra focus and offers a challenge and makes it interesting and exciting; plus, may help with sharp brain maintenance to delay the onset of Dementia, Alzheimer's diseases.Immensely useful to help avoid Dementia and Alzheimer’s.500 Wiggly Word Search Maze Puzzles.20 x 20 rows and columns for letters in 4.75" x 4.75" puzzle grid.Words are in Large 20 Pt. Type Print. Twenty words in each puzzle.10,000 Words of Assorted Length.You cannot afford not to buy this for your parents and senior citizens.It’s an introductory price just for you, and yes its going up. Get this now.

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