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Wooden DM Screen -DND 5e Game Master Screen in Black Walnut for COC Campaigns with Magnetic and Detachable Solid Wood Panels - Luxury Accessory for Tabletop RPGs

Wooden DM Screen -DND 5e Game Master Screen in Black Walnut for COC Campaigns with Magnetic and Detachable Solid Wood Panels - Luxury Accessory for Tabletop RPGs

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INITIATIVE TRACKER The small frame that comes with the tracker sheet can also be customized with your own portrait. Insert your own beautifully drawn character profile and make battle turns more convenient and enjoyable, as well as more immersive. MAGNETIC STRIP You can write or print your own tracker sheets to suit different campaigns or stories you’re preparing for. And thanks to the acrylic board and magnetic beads, you can easily take notes and keep track without worrying about paper waste. DIY TRACKING BOARD The magnetic strip above the screen allows you to easily place commonly used props or clues with magnetic pins, making it easy to plan battles and investigations. Quick access to your tools and props enhances your experience as a Game Master. STORAGE TOWER The model tower is designed for flexibility and spaciousness, allowing you to store not only dice used in roleplaying games, but also models, campaign trackers, magnetic pins and other props. The tower and dice holder can be positioned however you prefer. The detachable magnetic logo adds a professional touch to your campaign, while the totem elements add a touch of wildness to the battlefield. The multi-drawer design maximizes the storage space for your tower, allowing you to easily place dice, models, magnetic pins and many other accessories according to your preference, making storage more convenient and personalized. The interchangeable tracking board allows you to adapt the tracking type based on battlefield needs, while the covered acrylic board allows you to easily mark the board with a marker, giving you more flexibility to customize your game experience. The erasable acrylic board and brass casting for indicating rounds perfectly fit in the groove, making it easier for you to layout the battle rounds. Furthermore, the small 3D-printed frames compliment the board, giving you a more seamless and well-rounded gaming experience for planning your next battle. The magnetic acrylic board can perfectly protect your map, allowing you to mark on the board without worrying about wearing out the map, giving you the confidence to customize your gaming experience. In addition to the standard campaign manual, we offer another way to enhance your gaming experience. With our tray, you can easily place your tablet, freeing you from the inconvenience of frequently flipping through paper rulebooks and providing you with an effortless way to master the game. Secondary Accessories Acrylic cover A5 x 2Acrylic cover A4 x 1Initiative tracker (yellow) x 6Initiative tracker (gray) x 6Initiative tracker markers x 1Tracking board (large/medium/small) x 1Small magnets x 5Small magnetic pins x 3Magnetic gear x 5Magnetic tray x 4 WHAT WILL I RECEIVE ? Product Body Theme screen panel x 1Screen panel x 2Dice tower x 1Storage tower x 1 Main Accessories Theme module x 1Dice tray x 2Storage tower drawer x 2Storage tower slab x 3Tablet tray x 1Dry-erase pen x 1Small photo frame x 5

【Luxury DM Screen Kit:】It includes 3 Game Master screens, 1 dice tower, 1 model tower and various accessories, Compatible and adaptable for DND 5e campaigns, as well as any other place where a Game Master screen is needed,In medieval style, bringing an immersive luxury experience to your role-playing journey.

【Exquisite Material Selection】Made of authentic North American black walnut wood,This Game Master screen is crafted by both handwork and 3D printing technology. On the player-facing side, it offers the solid feeling and mysteriousness of the original log. On the Game Master-facing side, This DM screen provides a variety of useful panels for easy operations and records.

【Modular design】 The use of universal magnetic linkage design connects each module, making it more convenient to carry. The magnetic accessories installed on each module provide assistance during your role-playing journey. The seamless design ensures that you need not worry about the unsightly appearance of exposed magnets that could disrupt aesthetic. The 360-degree free rotation feature allows for a perfect fit onto desktops of various shapes.

【Wider and larger】 This game master screen provides sufficient privacy and spaciousness for your modules. Each panel measures 11.8 inches in width, 15.7 inches in length, and 0.24 inches in thickness. Each tower measures 4.7 inches x 4.7 inches x 11.8 inches. Imagine the host space surrounded by 3 19-inch notebooks; they will become your most concealed barriers.

【Comprehensive custom accessory kit】 Allows more freedom for your control skills with a DIY-style tracking board design that lets you easily manage any campaign. No more worries about leaving permanent marks on your precious RPG map with a marker, once magnetic attraction meets acrylic and matte steel plates. The unique flat tray provides another convenient option for your role-playing game.

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