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Wooden Short Vowel Spelling Games, Learn to Spell CVC Sight Words Educational Flashcards Fine Motor Alphabet Toy Gift for Kids 3 4 5 Years Old

Wooden Short Vowel Spelling Games, Learn to Spell CVC Sight Words Educational Flashcards Fine Motor Alphabet Toy Gift for Kids 3 4 5 Years Old

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What's in the box? CVC word flashcard x 50 Wooden letter pencil x 23 Wooden letter tray x 2 Draw-string bag x 1 Blending and segmenting These two skills are what they will need as they progress with more complex words and patterns. Why Teaching CVC Words? Why do some kids have difficulty blending sounds into words? Kids who have difficulties blending phonemes (sounds) into words lack phonemic awareness skills. Blending words Blending also requires a child to hold the individual sounds in their mind as the word creates. Teaching students how to read CVC words introduces blending and segmenting with letters. Fun And Engaging CVC Words Learning Tool This is a great tool for beginning readers, and it feels more like a game for them, so it makes it fun! There’s a lot packed into this box, including 50 picture cards with the words on the back (they are color-coded by the vowels), 2 wooden letter holders, and 23 wooden pencil letters(2 letters per pencil). The letters pencils are of good size, with letters in readable font. And the letter holder holds the letters pretty well. They are thick and sturdy, the CVC flash cards are heavy-duty, and the pencil letters are durable-wood. There’s also a bag to put everything into once the box is opened. Keeping CVC words learning easy on the go! This will be a perfect tool as you teach kids sounds while working towards early literacy. Building Early Literacy Teaching CVC words are essential for early reading and writing skills. CVC words are phonetic, making them easier for children to learn. Manipulating with the CVC words game introduces students to the magic of transforming simple sounds into words and is an integral part of any pre-reading program.While learning how to read CVC words, inserting the pencil tiles into the wooden letter tray is a fine-motor training as well as a perfect practice for hand-eye coordination and color perception.Teaching CVC words is the easiest way to begin teaching your child to read. Since the words follow phonics rules, as long as your kids have a strong phonemic awareness (understanding that each letter makes a sound). They can read!

Wooden CVC Word Game: The consonant-vowel-consonant(CVC) word activity comes in a value pack, including 50 CVC word flashcards with pictures, 23 wooden pencil letters with blue consonants and red vowels, 2 wooden letter holders, and 1 portable draw-string bag.

Premium Quality Material: Kids’ safety matters! All toys are free of harmful substances that ensures each product’s reliability and credibility. The wooden letter tray and pencil letters are all made from solid and durable linden wood, burr-free without splinters or rough edges that are smooth to the touch, and kids-friendly.

50 CVC Word Cards With Pictures: The CVC word flashcards with pictures on the front and words on the back are sturdy card-stock laminations that are splash-proof, with vibrant and eye-catching images to keep a kid engaging and having more fun learning CVC words and early sight words.

Color-Coded For Easy Learning: Free your kids from electronics and screens! The consonants and vowel pencil letters are color-coordinated in blue and red. The heavy-duty CVC word flashcards are divided into five different colors by the vowels(a, e, i, o, u) for easy tidy up and progress from one to another.

Giftable Options And Teaching Aid: Great for both homeschooling and classroom learning games to help kids learn and play creatively. The CVC word game makes a perfect gift for birthdays, Chris as, and all kinds of holidays for pre-k and kindergarten kids.

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