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Xylophone - Neutral Colors Toddler Toys - Aesthetic & Functional Kids Musical Instrument - Toys –Modern Boho Xylophone for Kids- Wood Xylophone Toy-Gender Neutral Baby Gift

Xylophone - Neutral Colors Toddler Toys - Aesthetic & Functional Kids Musical Instrument - Toys –Modern Boho Xylophone for Kids- Wood Xylophone Toy-Gender Neutral Baby Gift

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Wooden Musical Toys for Toddlers: Our musical instruments for toddlers are beautiful and functional toys that do not need to be hidden or put away. This toddler musical instrument will appeal to parents who like a neutral aesthetic, and its also perfect as modern playroom decor or nursery decor. Our boho baby musical instruments are made with aspen wood, steel keys, and iron nails, ensuring durability. This boho nursery xylophone with two wooden xylophone mallets is not only visually appealing, but it also produces beautiful and accurate musical notes. The gender neutral baby gift is a safe and enjoyable instrument for kids of all ages. Our preschool musical toys are beautiful in design, high-quality construction, and made with soothing colors making them a functional, aesthetic and attractive addition to any home. Also, the paint is lead-free, making this a non-toxic musical instrument. This 8 note xylophone produces an accurate tune that sparks imagination and is great for pretend play, fits right in with toys. This xylophone will appeal to those wanting minimalist toys for kids and minimialist baby toys. Dimensions: 4.72” X 9.06” X 3.94”--- About Us: is a small, family-owned business. We love designing convenient and thoughtful products that you can use in your daily life. These toddler music and sound toys are an effort to do just that. We hope you love our wooden xylophone as much as we do. Thanks for supporting our family business! There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee- please contact us at if there are any product issues and we will send a replacement!

Xylophones: Our toddler musical instruments are designed specifically for your kids who love musical instruments. These toys promote the development of fine motor skills. Also, these music toys for toddlers are made with high-quality material which is safe for your children. Our glockenspiel is also perfect for parents with the modern baby.

Neutral Colors: The musical toys for toddlers are designed with neutral colors that will appeal to minimalist parents who want kids toys with a natural look. Our toddler music toys can be used as playroom decor and nursery decor. It would fit perfectly in a boho playroom or boho nursery! It goes with all of the boho baby toys, gender neutral baby items, neutral baby stuff and aesthetic baby toys. It would be a beautiful piece in a modern playroom

High-Quality: This xylophone for kids ages 5-9 is made with aspen wood and steel keys and is more durable than most. Also, our toddler musical instruments are non-toxic musical instruments, made with BPA-free materials, and the lead-free paint ensures it is safe for your child to play with. It will fit right in with your beautiful toddler toys!

Great Musical Toys: Our 8 note xylophone for toddlers and xylophone for kids ages 5-9 are great for developing rhythm and musical skills. These xylophones will fit right in with all your toys and these musical instruments for kids ages 3-5 will help your kids create the most magical sound. This kids xylophone toy is an 8 note xylophone that sounds beautiful. Gran juguetes para bebes y instrumentos musicales para niños. Gran juguetes para ninos de 3 anos

Perfect Gift: These neutral baby items are the perfect educational learning gift. Give our neutral baby toys to your kids on any occasion like birthdays, Chris as and more! These kids musical instruments make excellent music toys and are perfect girl birthday gifts and boy birthday gifts. It is also a great gender neutral baby gift that they can grow with! This xylophone is a unique baby shower gift perfect for a gender neutral baby shower and it will fit in with all of the boho baby stuff!

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