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Rosetta: The Lost Language, The Game of Language & Creativity

Rosetta: The Lost Language, The Game of Language & Creativity

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Compact & Simple A cooperative game where teamwork wins the day- and a quick set-up ensures it gets to the table with little fuss. Gorgeous Art & Design With art by gallery artist Micaela Dawn, players will be immersed in the world they invent around unique symbols and locations. Creative & Challenging As one player creates the puzzle, the rest will try and solve it using drawing, deduction and imaginative clues. How To Play Preparing Using a set of restrictions and a picture of a location, one player (the Author) invents the translation for a fictional glyph. This is kept secret. Guessing The remaining players (the Experts) discuss possible guesses to the secret word, using the symbol and location for context. Translating The Author invents a translation for each guess, making up new symbols to show the Experts how close or far they are. Solving The Experts must guess the word correctly within ten tries in order for everyone to win as a team.

Decipher ancient symbols as a team using creative clues.

Unique, innovative drawing-and-guessing game for 2 or more players

Team-oriented game that works over video chat and with large groups.

Dry-erase markers, large cards, gorgeous art, all in a neat magnetic lid box.

Recipient of a 2020 Toy & Game Award from Popular Mechanics

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